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Nowadays, the internet is overfilled with different online Dating sites. That fact may puzzle even the most organized men, who are serious about the choice of their new acquaintances.

The info, which is given below, would give you a short sketch of more than 25 advantages of our site, which are already appreciated by hundreds and hundreds of satisfied users!


  • We guarantee that you will meet nosoftware bots or fake profiles.

We understand that the number of bots and fakes on the internet is growing fast, so we do not let them appear on our site. All the profiles and each of the changes in the profiles are checked scrupulously and constantly.

  • All users are checked and the frauds are deleted.

We combat a problem of the dishonest people and do our best for obtaining the highest reputation in our scope of action.

  • We are bitexchanging or selling the data of our users.

Your data is your privacy. Be sure, if you would leave your profile for a period of time, you may come back and find out that nothing has changed there. Maybe just apart from the number of the income messages- the new ones, unread, would be definitely waiting for you.

  • true statistics

You are always having an opportunity to see the precise number of people, who are on the site, both women and men. There is atrue numberof users who are online, who have recently registered, and the number of new photos, whichwere updated.

  • Total privacy

No one could see your correspondence. There are only you and your conversation partner, writing you in private.

Economy of your time

  • The inactive users are not seen in the search

You can see only those, who are active on the site. This way you do not have to wonder whether the user could answer you the next day or a week after- just pick the right person for you at this very moment and start your communication.

  • The comfort in the search of profiles.

While searching you will see that recently logged users are placed at the top of the list. There are different types of searches and their parameters could be saved to help yousearch faster and not inserting the needed parameters each time.

  • Reply Rate

This means that you may see the percentage of new initial replied messages to the exact user.The user hasn’t missed any of your messages? Maybe she is waiting for the moment, when exactly your letter reaches her mailbox? The Reply Rate would show you how interested your interlocutors are in the communication with you.

  • Mail filters

This option is one of the newest. You may choose the age and the country of the users, who could write you. There is also an option to receive the messages of the exact types, which are described, when you open the “Mail filters”.

  • Publishing the ad on the “Wall” gives you more replies from the users

Sometimes your photos andthe information, which is given in your profile, are not enough to tell what type of person you are. With the help of this advertisement, you can express yourself and find your congenial souls much faster.It could be a photo or an image. A poem or maybe just one word? You are free to choose the way you are representing yourself.

9 types of searches

That means that you could search a person according to:

  • Goal of acquaintanceship
  • Age
  • Number of children younger 18
  • Psychological Compatibility
  • Astrological compatibility
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Language
  • Being a new user.

  • You may see the users, registered within the last 24 hours

As it has been mentioned above, you may easily find the person, who is new on the site. You may do it in the general list of new users or in the search.

  • The users, who are online at that moment, are seen

You can see them all as well in the search or just in the general list.Maybe someone is waiting just for your letter at this moment?

  • The feed of the new events on the site

That useful option introduces new users of the site.

  • The list of the new photos

You may see the newest photos within the last three days right after the users have uploaded them.

  • You may write to each user, who is in chat at the same moment, as you are

You may enter the chat from your PC or from the electronic device (iPhone, iPad or Android) in any time, in any place. Don’t hesitate, our chats are functioning properly and there is always someone to talk with.

Photo contests

Do not miss the photo contests! You may take part in them, or just to vote for the photos that you liked the most. You will show the way you feel about the contestant by voting for her and facilitate her a real chance to be on top of the list. Every woman likes men’s attention.

The “Match me” game

With the help of thegame, you may see if your attraction is mutual.By playing this game at the beginning of the communication, you can understand with whom you have the prospective of the dialogue development and with who you don’t have it.
The course of game is the following: there are three adjectives describing every game participant, which are writtenabove their photos. There is also a question “Would you like to get acquainted with this person?”, which should be answered YES and NO. Think carefully before picking your variant of the answer, as you would not be able to modify your choice (even if you accidently clicked on the wrong answer). You may play the game as many times as you wish and each time it would be continued from the moment it was stopped. You choose the age limits of the participants by yourself and you could edit them if needed.

Free online translator

You don’t have to spend time translating your messages- our free online translator will do it for you!But think carefullybefore you write something. It is better to write letters, using simple sentences and check them for errors and typos.

Psychological test helps to find the person, who matches you.

If you facilitate in the feelings about the new aquintance, or you just haven’t even decided, who is your perfect match- there is a possibility to find it out with the help of the psychological test, which is very helpful for making your mind up.

Video/audio chat

This is not just about typing anymore. Now it is easy to see the variety of different emotions, to feel the mood of your interlocutor with the help of the video and audio chat, which you can find on our site.For the virtual communication, which takes place in online video chat, only a webcam is required.

  • In searches, you see only the users with the common purpose.

Only general lists show all users of the site disregarding their goals. However, when you are opening the advanced or the quick search, you may choose the goal of the user, before watching the search results.

  • ‘Birthday soon’ notice

With the help of this notice, you won’t forget about the day, when your new friend is having a birthday. Or it could be a great salvo for a beginning of the acquaintance with a stranger.

  • Feedback

If you are still hesitating and maybe a bit sceptic after your previous experiences in online communication, just read the feedback on our site. There is about a 1000 feedbacks already! They are from men, women, married couples. You can see the photos of happy couples and even read about the results of the psy test, which were given to different users.

Privacy comfort

  • You can hide your profile

You may pick this option in order to be not interrupted, during the communication. With its help, only those users, to whom you write, will see you online.

  • Platinum membership

If you decide to upgrade your profile, you will be offered some new possibilities together with this membership. For example- it will allow you to choose flexibly every time you visit the site. You may choose between visiting it anonymously or showing your visit. Everything is made for the comfort of our users!Moreover, the most beautiful ladies are available during the search, when you are having the platinum membership.

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